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R.I.P. Mum

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History of benversus 2003-2014

Since 2008 all resource material has been available online, originally divided into a main website, summary website and then 23 sub website containing chronologically ordered: correspondence, references, details according to the table shown left - click on any image to enlarge.

All this material is now converted to a static reference PDF and collated in the resource list shown left and on the relevant case page.

The cases are not that complicated and the issues at stake almost self explanatory - easily summarised in the cartoons.

This website is almost identical to that from 2008 onwards in the PDFs, except for updated graphics. The website was down from 2013-2014 due to a change of service provider - this was a time when no action was taken on the cases, trying to stabilise my life, reduce nervousness, sleep better etc.


The 2006-2011 BenCC.com website shows the dormant technology both delayed by these problems and also ready go forwards had any compensation or settlement been made - no settlement has ever been offered by any of the other parties. If you study the all the correspondence with the parties I was at great pains to explain quick settlement would get the important technologies back on track. The diagram in the 2008 website shows me wondering if the beneficial technology will appear in 2010. Unfortunately it has taken me until 2014 to recover my situation and be in a position to go forward with proposals again.

Mihi cura futuri / My concern is the future  


Have recently applied for funding to build the one stroke engine again so the “Carbon-Down” project is reborn in a smaller format for the time being.

My situation has stabilised and so can once again crank open these cases and pursue the relevant parties. Am not optimistic, but will give it a good go.

overview Resource list

2008 0901DavidVersusGoliathFullDocument100pages.pdf

2008 1120DavidVsGoliathSummary22pages.pdf

2008 websiteBenVersusCCforReference40pages.pdf

2008 websiteBenCCecotechforReference12pages.pdf

Fortitudine vincimus

by endurance we conquer

Whilst pursuing my Carbon Down program on extreme low income for five years, some very strange situations have occurred. Fighting and dealing with injustices is energy sapping and tedious, unfortunately I had been unavoidably triggered into these actions in respect of TFFs court action against me in 2009 and the QLTR non-payment of carefully saved funds.

Cartoons are used as an easy reading summary of the cases and are your recommended start point.

In 2003, 2006 and 2008 some very boring and stupid things happened which have significantly delayed my carbon-down ecotech projects and negatively effected my life. Much of 2008 was spent preparing and organising these eight cases. These events have dominated my; life, lifestyle, home and most personal relationships. It is no use whining into a beer mug, if there are cases to answer, actions can be brought and perhaps won. I have done my best so far and will continue to do so. Acta non Verba.

1) BC vs DTI EM Dept of Innovation and Universities - 2003

The UK Dept of Industry refused part funding under their SMART scheme for the world´s first one stroke engine on the basis; it had no market, could not be assembled, was not new and time given was overvalued. In fact the engine is perfect for recharging EV's, was built and shown as a model that could be assembled, was approved for a world patent (was new) and time was valued at the quoted rate paid out in 1998, 1999 and 2003. Malpractice, negligence and contempt of 2000 Kyoto and 2008 Climate change act.

2&3) BC vs KF & SV Göteborg - 2006

SV & KF removed all finances (car, finance, possessions, credit) April 6th, 67 days after an incorrect tax estimate for January was issued. Everybody was informed the tax bill was wrong, I had paid taxes already for 5 years without issues. All the tax money originally ”owed” was returned in December as over payment, though I had to exist penniless for 8 months. Very silly, destabilising and pointless.

Malpractice is claimed: harassment/extortion.

4&5) BC vs QLTR Edinburgh / Scottish Office - 2008

In 1998 I moved to Gerrmany and repaid my loan and grant back to the Scottish Office. Thereafter I overpaid my VAT and saved up extra money for a new project (£21k). When this money was claimed under Bono Vacantia, only £3k was repaid not £21k. UK Government website stated a £50k maximum but I was later informed ”that was only for England and Wales, just £3k in Scotland!” according to the QLTR. If I had wound up the company in 1998 instead of repaying my debt, I would have been £36,000 richer ten years ago! Strange reward for repaying my loans to the Scottish Office!

Malpractice is again claimed: failure to make fair payout set out in UK guidelines and operating a department of justice with unjust practices.

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These documents present the accumulated problems and how they interact with one another. For example, having cars, possessions and money forcibly extracted for money that wasnt owed when on extremely low income self developing ecotech. Why was I on zero income - because funding applications were rejected without proper reason. Non payment of social support during the time of having savings removed for money not owed then cant pay ordinary bills and get charged 2000% interest by fining on those bills creating a poverty trap.

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