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R.I.P. Mum

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Myself, Ben Collins, has had some problems, some of which were quite ridiculous. I have tried to fight them for eleven years as best I can and will continue to do so until the bitter end. There is also plenty of people out there being failed, some spectacularly as Fiona Pilkington.


1) Agencies may not ignore negligence (DIUS).

2) Take responsibility for consequences (Göt SkV).

3) Limit debt interest to max 30% pa in the EU (KF).

4) Agencies must follow published rules (QLTR).

5) Agencies should work within the law (SPSO).


1) Versus NESTA : multiple negligence

2) Versus Skatteverket : theft/malpractice

3) Versus Kronofogdimyndigheten : extortion

4) Versus QLTR : non-payment

5) Versus SPSO : illegal curtailment of court process.

6-8) There are 3+ cases, not included here for brevity - see old website PDF document for details.


These issues created unnecessary strain on personal; relationships, economy, home - i.e. misery. More importantly, this delayed eco-tech ready in 2003/8.

If that tech works, then we have been burning fuel the wrong way for twelve years. That is the equivalent of one thousand Deepwater Horizons. All the engines for transport and wind turbines will have to built again. As energy consumption is the base cost for goods, everything has been more expensive for everyone worldwide for a decade. Millions of tonnes of extra CO2, finite oil wasted.

Long term

This website will fight cases for and behalf of those without representation in selected cases. Human nature means plenty of people in state jobs are lazy, indifferent and/or useless. Compensation should move from the ever burdened taxpayer to the individuals culpable.

This would create fear so that people would be more inclined to do their jobs properly and fairly - and thus reduce such occurrences in future.

Stultorum infinitus est numerus / there are endless fools.

Salus populi suprema lex esto

welfare of people is the highest law