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R.I.P. Mum

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Shit happens

Look at Mr Muoi here, life has not dealt him a kind hand, literally and figuratively.

Everything is relative, bad things happen to people every day, through bad luck, corruption of uselessness, laziness, indifference as in this case - or just plain evil people doing evil things. Things have to carry on despite these problems. But it is still worth kicking up a fuss in the hope that processes and corruption can be reduced in future.

Tu ne cede malis / Do not yield to misfortune.

Ad astra per aspera

to the stars through difficulty

People suffer much worse

Meet Nguyen Muoi, 37 years old, a 2003 victim of the cold war in Tay Gia, Vietnam. While digging a field, both his hands were blown off by munitions dating back from a war in Vietnam  forty years earlier.

fight the good fight

Life is spent in quiet desperation for most people, long yet short, a struggle with some periods of joy.

Key values making life better are fairness and justice. Societies without these are weak and create misery. Campaigning for fairness and justice is not whining or stirring trouble but useful where and when appropriate.

If you see someone pushing in a queue, what do you do?

A) say something and risked getting stabbed, or

B) keep quiet and accept it as part of life.

We live in a strange world with lots of injustice, so this little website and campaign in this small area of fairness and justice is important in a little but big way. Those of us with some brains have to keep the clumsy big organisations and their big sticks on their toes so the little people have a chance.

My ”suffering” has to be viewed in context when considering the likes of Nguyen above, but nevertheless this stuff did create continual suicidal thoughts, leaving me emotionally dead. My Mother, the biggest influence in my life, contracted a disease of the nerves which must have been in part due to these situations. She died extremely disappointed with me, and unhappy with her life. Something I will have to bare for the rest of my life. People suffer unimaginable injustice across the world, but that is no reason to belittle this injustice herein or get complacent about fairness and justice for ordinary citizens in the EU, which can be quickly eroded.

Justice must be fought for, it does not arrive in your lap.

Thanks for reading., Good luck everybody with your lives. /BenCC

Missed opportunity for ecotech

Life goes on, maybe this is whining, maybe the complaints are justified, that is a matter for opinion. Like most ordinary folks, I have no idea really about law but feel a strong sense of right and wrong.

You can walk round with placards for a better world, or you can tackle issues one by one like this. The technology delayed by these issues is slowly moving toward a production reality.

In addition have also written a political economic theory Hopism to perhaps improve things.

Fiat justitia, ruat caelum  justice be done, even though the heavens fall  

No doubt they will be a big hoo-hah when the technology from 2001-2008 eventually gets released.

What a missed opportunity and waste of resources in the mean time.

I fight on! Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo / Resolutely in deed, sweetly in manner.