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R.I.P. Mum

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R.I.P. Mum

R.I.P Mum

Behind the bureacratic incompetences, peoples lives are drastically effected. Incompetent actions do have multiple knock-on consequences, sometimes very severe ones. Having said goodbye to my Mother at Barrow Crematorium, I am again considerably motivated to take action against this malpractice. These cases raised herein are unavoidably entwined with my deterioted relationship with my Mother which was very happy for the first 35 years. Before she died she requested that I never would contact her again. In the last year she despised me and had no single photograph of me in her house, despite tens of other photos of her other children and grandchildren.

My Mother felt I had abandoned her and Britain, which was not so as I tried to move home in 2003, 2006 and 2008 and was stopped on each occasions by the malpractices detailed herein, having only originally moved abroad to do ”the right thing” and pay off a debt (that could have been more easily cancelled by limited company winding up). Later the same Scottish Office that I had repaid by hourly contracted work in Germany, refused to pay out the excess saved into the exact same limited company account from which I repaid them.

My Mother felt most abandoned in late May 2006 when suffering another massive asthma attack, I was unable to fly home to care for her due to KF & SV removing all my finances at that time for money that was never actually owed in the first place. My sister and her four children had to fly in from Paris when it was my turn to do so. This led to a breakdown in relations, I doubt she ever believed my incredible tale ”the Swedish tax office have taken all my money that wasnt even owed after only two months notice!”.

It is a pity that my Mother died thinking her youngest son wasted his life on daydreams and that she had pointlessly made such career sacrifices bringing me up as a full time working Mother. The one stroke engine should have been part-funded in 2003, to provide the backbone for future electric vehicles, as a specialist vehicle range extender engine. That could have been the move back to the UK and made her proud.

The final ignomony was provided by QLTR, who failed to pay out fairly (£21k) or promptly (April) paying out only a miserly £3k in late December. This left me owing my Mother £2k when she died Jan 2nd, after she lent me £2k in good faith in March with myself assuring her then that QLTR were bound to pay out soon. I tried to explain that QLTR had not paid out fairly, summer 2008, but a 72 year old lady is not receptive to wierd sounding tales. She refused to see me thereafter. At the same time she was diagnosed with an aggressive degenerative disease of the nerves.

My brother and sister did not contact me when she was on her deathbed for the last eight days. A sad end to what had been a brilliant and close family relationship for the first 35 years. /BC 2010.

R.I.P Mum

Five of five cases were brought in Sept 2008. If even one of those agencies had made settlement, when very favourable terms were offered e.g. to QLTR without damages begging them to pay out the money due according to the UK govts published rules, a reconciliation could have been established before Jan 2nd 2009. She died from a combination of asthma, heavy medication and the degenerative nervous condition.

When your Mother dies despising you, it is a scar that will never heal. People put up with worse sadnesses I suppose. My Mother refused any marking stone, as she felt her life not worthy of recording. I have not seen my brother, sister and six nieces and nephews since the funeral five years ago.

Mum’s ashes are scattered in Colne and on Stickle Pike - the families favourite walk when we were growing up. Rest in peace.

Cicatrex manet

the scar remains