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Vs kronofogs

Homo homini lupus

man is a wolf to man

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Case aims

  1. Repay everyone charged more than 30% interest/fining since Sweden Joined the EU, the amount overcharged.
  2. Compensate anyone who has suffered mental trauma from being charged 1000%+ interest.
  3. Compensate any families who’s family members committed suicide where KF 1000%+ extortion was a significant factor.
  4. Organise research into suicides, substance abusers and victims of depression and see what percentage of those conditions were influenced by being charged 1-2000% interest, over the last twenty years.
  5. Build some kind of memorial to all those suicide victims where extortion from Kronofogs was a major contributing factor.
  6. Prosecute Top officials of Kronofogs since joining the EU for extortion, negligence and manslaughter in relation to the quantified suicide victims.
  7. Maximum number of sheets of paper per bill during its lifetime of eight. In some cases I received 30 sheets, per bill.
  8. Close down Kronofogdimyndigheten and create a new responsible agency with maximum interest/fining charge 30% pa.
  9. Make a Europe wide law on maximum interest/fining set at 30% p.a. and end poverty traps for good.

BC vs KF & SV Göteborg - 2006 : Case summary

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end poverty traps

People facing five bills of €20, unpayable one month for whatever reason - will face each bill increasing to €100 within five weeks total €500 - anyone who couldnt afford €100 cannot afford €500. Insane & evil = 2000%pa.

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